Greetings readers! This blog will be dedicated to any and all jazz transcriptions, both my own and those contributed by followers/readers. I'll also post resources of other transcriptionists' archives, and the occasional tool to make the task of transcribing easier. Reposts with attribution and/or back-links to the blog are encouraged!

To all the artists who have graciously allowed me to post solo transcriptions and music: thank you! Your sharing of ideas and knowledge is what drives the evolution of music, and allows everyone, players and listeners alike, to follow in your spirit!

All content will include:

  • a link to my PDF transcription
  • artist/soloist/composer attribution
  • a direct link to buy the album on which the song is featured
  • a link to the record label's website for whom the song and/or album was recorded
  • a link to the artist's website
  • a link to listen to the song on Spotify, Grooveshark, MySpace, YouTube, or a similar service

If any content on this site is yours and additional attributions, links, copyright notices, etc. need to be included, please contact me and I will make all necessary changes or, at your request, remove your material.

Comments, questions, requests, etc. are very welcome! My hope is to pass along what knowledge I've garnered from these wonderful solos and pieces, and hopefully foster a community in which any and all who are willing to learn can gain a little more insight into this music we call jazz. Enjoy!


  1. Tremendous blog!!!! I think you need more publicity!

    1. Thank you! More publicity is on the way, hopefully. Retweets, shares, mentions, plus-ones--and of course comments--from readers are a great help!


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