Jazz Transcription Resource: Martin Schaberl Writes the Book on Wolfgang Muthspiel

Visit Martin's resources page

After a relaxing, travel-free Easter Sunday, it's time to get back on the transcriptions track with my favorite guitarist you might not have heard of, Wolfgang Muthspiel. Muthspiel's performances on the album Real Book Stories, a 2002 collaboration with Brian Blade (drums) and Marc Johnson (bass), rank among my favorite guitar performances ever.

Austrian guitarist Martin Schaberl penned an entire book on Muthspiel, which includes several transcriptions, including a script of Muthspiel's work on the tune "Someday My Prince Will Come" from the Real Book Stories album. Visit Martin's resources page and click on the link to his Muthspiel bio (jump to page 119 for the SMPWC ink).

Also, do yourself a big favor and download Real Book Stories on iTunes (or on Amazon, if that's your thing) if you haven't already!


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