A New Resource for Central Texas Jazz Lovers: jazzinaustin.com is live!

Greetings jazz lovers! I am thrilled to announce the creation of a brand new website for anyone in or visiting the Central Texas area: jazzinaustin.com!

Jazz In Austin is a one-stop site for all jazz-related events happening in and around the Capital City. Whether you're a hardcore jazz aficionado, an enthusiast of the music, or just looking for a great show to see, there is music to be heard each and every night of the week.

In addition the the extensive calendar, visitors to the site can get information on the many fantastic jazz musicians Austin has to offer from the profiles section, check out the city's jazz clubs from the venues page, or even contact the administrators for information on booking an artist.

Last, but certainly not least, musicians themselves can register for a profile. This comes with a few nice perks, including a JIA profile page, the ability to edit any of the user's shows that were automatically uploaded to the calendar, and the option to view any shows the user is tagged in.

I'm incredibly fortunate to be one of the leads on the Jazz In Austin project, and I want to encourage anyone and everyone interested in jazz to visit the site, and maybe even leave a comment here on the blog. We're lucky to have a burgeoning scene for jazz music here in Austin, and a vibrant community of musicians, venues, and enthusiastic fans to support it. Who knows--maybe someday soon, we'll be able to expand our reach, and effect a little bit of net positive change on the world's jazz community! But for now, we have to start somewhere--and I'm glad that place is Austin, Texas!



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